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Florida State University


Kennedy Space Center


NASA Education Center

Annual Donors


Coaxis International

Coaxis International provides fully-managed hosting, private cloud service that provisions a data communications solution custom tailored to individual  business needs.  They provide  professional planning, administration, security and support. 

Florida Engineering Foundation

The Florida Engineering Foundation was established in 1986 to encourage and provide assistance to students pursuing engineering careers and to educate the public about engineering. The Foundation is a membership organization made up of Engineers and those who support the Engineering Profession.  

Florida State University Schools

FSUS is the K-12 Charter Laboratory School associated with Florida State University, In collaboration with the College of Education at Florida State University, the mission of Florida State University Schools is to advance Florida's K-12 education through exemplary teaching,research, and service. 

The Astronaut Memorial Foundation

The Astronauts Memorial Foundation honors and memorializes those astronauts who have sacrificed their lives for the nation and the space program by sponsoring the national Space Mirror Memorial and by implementing innovative educational technology programs.