Student Astronaut Challenge Family Support Center

Purchases on this site is restricted to family and friends supporting teams that are participating in the Student Astronaut Challenge. All purchases will be picked up by the team coach at registration.  The Student Astronaut Challenge, Inc. is a not for profit organization therefore all purchases through PayPal are designated as donations

                                The Ticket portal will close on Friday, January 24th. 


Portal Instructions

 All shirts and tickets are ordered through a donation page using PayPal since the Astronaut Challenge is a Non-profit organization. 

  • Under donate you would put in the amount for your purchase.    Example: two tickets ($70.00 per ticket) is $140.00
  • You would then select donate with a debit or credit card
  • Complete the credit card information
  • Click on write a note and please identify what school you are associated with.

KSC Tickets (3 day pass)

Ticket Price is $70.00 per person 

Each ticket is valid for entry for three consecutive days at the park as well as the bus tour.  All teams, their family, and friends will be provided with a complimentary parking pass. 

IMPORTANT: You MUST include in your order the number of tickets and the school you are affiliated with. Please designate if your school is MS or HS. 

Tickets are NOT mailed to the purchaser and CAN NOT be picked up at Will-Call. 

Tickets are included with the teams tickets ONLY which are picked up by the coach at team registration. This is done to ensure that the purchaser(s) are attending for the sole purpose of observing or participating in the Student Astronaut Challenge competition.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Help Support a Team

If you wish to provide financial support to adopt or help a team in need, feel free to donate any amount to the Student Astronaut Challenge.   If you wish to remain anonymous in your donation you must specify that.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card